Episode: Dr. Kaskel's Magic Number: 75

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Dr. Kaskel's Magic Number: 75
dr-kaskels-magic-number-75What's the magic behind 75? Find out why you should "Strive for 75."Why should you strive for 75?

In Dr. Kaskel’s opinion, it’s a nice age to live out your life.

So, how can you do this? Dr. Kaskel explains to use the number 75 in different ways to live a healthy, happy life to at least the age of 75. Here are just a few tips on exactly how to do that:
  • Meditate for 75 minutes a week
  • Exercise 75 minutes a week 
  • Sleep 75 hours a week
Dr. Kaskel’s most important 75 tip is this: eat less than 75 carbs per day, no matter what type of carbohydrate.

The American Diabetes Association suggests no more than 130 grams; but as Dr. Kaskel points out, this is 33 teaspoons of sugar per day. That's a lot of sugar! The human body requires zero grams of carbohydrates, so 75 is perfectly acceptable. Doing so will help you lose weight, get off your medications and live a healthier, longer life. 

Dr. Kaskel continues his list of 75 by suggesting that having a fasting blood sugar of 75 is where most people should people. The same goes for LDL /HDL levels; they should be at 75... although the LDL/HDL concept is not as imperative unless you suffer from coronary artery disease or clogged arteries.

What about vitamins? Vitamin D levels should be at 75 so you avoid vitamin D deficiency. Dr. Kaskel also recommends 75 minutes of vitamin G… that would mean vitamin green. Get outside in nature and be surrounded by green, this is for good mental health. The beautiful thing about the 75s is you can combine the list to make it easier for you. For instance, mediate, walk and get vitamin G all at the same time.

What’s the result of following Kaskel’s theory? He has seen in his practice that this 75 theory decreases medication use by 75 percent. Not only that, but by seeing the doctor less it can decrease medical usage by 75 percent as well.

The ultimate goal? Strive for 75 at least 75 percent of the time.

Listen in for more tips from Dr. Kaskel on his theory of 75, as well as the benefits you could realize in your own health.
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