Episode: Can Alzheimer's Disease Be Reversed?

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Can Alzheimer's Disease Be Reversed?
what-memory-screening-means-to-youDid you know that a woman has a greater chance of developing Alzheimer's disease than she does breast cancer?Did you know that a woman has a greater chance of developing Alzheimer's disease than she does breast cancer?

That's a scary statistic.

Fortunately, the efforts dedicated to research to reverse Alzheimer's disease has been in the works for over 25 years, and scientists are always learning new things about what this disease entails.

There have been over 244 clinical trials with 243 of them failing and one of which had minimal results. What Dr. Dale Bredesen, researcher at the Buck Institute, has found is that there is not one "silver bullet" approach to reversing this debilitating disease. What he has developed through his own research is a systematic approach to change diet, exercise, sleep and many other lifestyle habits. With this multifaceted plan, he has seen much success.

Essentially, all those factors are the puzzle pieces that fit together to work towards reversing Alzheimer's disease. 

For diet, Dr. Bredesen suggests eliminating simple carbohydrates and gluten and adding omega-3s and vitamin D. Exercise and plenty of sleep is also very important. These are steps that most doctors encourage you to take in order to lead an overall healthier lifestyle, but, in this case, it can actually prevent and reverse Alzheimer's disease.
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