Episode: A Mother Shares Her Story About PANDAS

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A Mother Shares Her Story About PANDAS
a-mother-shares-her-story-about-pandasStrep throat can be miserable for children. One mother shares how her son's strep took an absolute turn for the worse.

Diana Pohlman's son was seven years old when he was diagnosed with strep throat that would last for months and continually reoccur.

One day he came home from second grade and told his mother very frantically "Mommy, everything is poison! The television is poison, turn it off. The lights are poison, turn them off!" Her young son then told her she was going to die.  

What would turn a usually reasonable, emotionally stable seven-year-old into a panic-stricken child?  

After six months of testing and her son growing progressively worse, Diana still did not know what was wrong with him. He started to develop terrible paranoia and even symptoms of Turrets.

Finally, they found that he had a disease called PANDAS. PANDAS is when strep triggers a misdirected immune response and creates inflammation in the child’s brain. One in 200 children suffer from PANDAS and it mostly occurs between the ages of four and seven.  

Diana explains that children are often misdiagnosed by doctors. It's very important that this is caught early so that the child is properly treated. If addressed correctly, the condition becomes a temporary illness and the devastating symptoms will pass.

If you are a parent who has a child diagnosed with strep throat and all of sudden look at your child and think, "this is not the child I've raised and know" because of their behavior, go to the doctor and have them tested for PANDAS.  

Diana is now the founder and director of an organization call the PANDAS network. This organization is dedicated to educating others about the disease and to also support families who are suffering the wake of its effects. They also continue to do research to learn more about PANDAS so it can be caught early, diagnosed accurately and prevent the child from suffering irreversible effects.

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