Episode: Power of Pod: Life After Bullying

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Power of Pod: Life After Bullying

The podcast community is something special, and if you’ve not hosted, it’s a bit hard to explain. But from the simple #trypod and #podernfamily hashtags on Twitter, to the Facebook pages and subreddits, there’s always someone willing to help. A good example is the lovely voice you hear at the beginning of each episode of this podcast – that’s Cynthia, the wife of Christopher Gonlund from the Not About Lumberjacks, Men in Gorilla Suits, and Hell Comes with Paneled Doors podcasts. Without really knowing me beyond my occasional posts in a Facebook group and my work on the Defender Radio podcast, Christopher and Cynthia immediately and, with great skill, offered to help me get that intro together when I posted online looking for assistance. That kind of community isn’t always easy to find, and it’s one for which I’m grateful.

And podcasts can be a place of healing, too. Take, for instance, The Grass Gets Greener podcast. Host Melissa Wilson survived bullying in middle school. Her path to healing took many years – and along the way, she decided to blog, and then podcast about the experience. With the podcast, Melissa has found both self-healing, and the opportunity to help others heal through interviews with survivors of various traumas, and with more than 100 episodes in the vault, it’s an inspiring tale of awareness, acceptance, and finding out that the grass really can get greener.

Melissa joined The Everyday Fray to share her journey, how The Grass Gets Greener podcast has helped her move forward and heal, and what it’s meant to host and hear the stories of so many other survivors.

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