Episode: Learning How to Smile

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Learning How to Smile

In this personal episode, I share with you the story of remembering ‘the summer I was sick,’ as I’ve referred to it; it was the summer that my anxiety peaked when I was 18, and I developed agoraphobia, depression sank in, and my life took a downward turn. It was also the summer that Everclear’s Songs From An American Movie Vol. 1 came out, and on it, the track that has followed me in all of the ups and downs since then, Learning How to Smile.

For a long time, when the summer humidity reached its zenith, the days started to get a little shorter, and thunderstorms became daily, that song plays, and I’d wonder if I'd ever fall back that place, and if I did, if I'd ever be able to claw my way back out.

Join me on this recollection of my journey, as an August thunderstorm triggered the memory – and yes, the thunderstorm you can hear in the background of the episode is from that day.

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