Episode: Having problems downloading podcasts? You can help.

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Having problems downloading podcasts? You can help.

Some of my podcast listeners in the US have said that they’re unable to download recent episodes of PCP and TDZ. Apparently the podcasts show up in iTunes, but when you try and download you get the message “Podcast xxx could not be downloaded at this time”.

I’ve been trying to debug this issue with a couple of helpful listeners, bot US and UK iTunes accounts and some network magic to try and reproduce the problem at my end in the UK, but with no success.

If you are a US listener and you are either able or unable to listen to recent episodes of the shows could you please drop me a line at pete.cogle@gmail.com, or leave a message on the facebook page or on the website. Please tell me if you’re using iTunes, where you are in the US and which internet provider you use. That will help me try to fix the issue.

Many thanks


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