Episode: #7991: How Long Should Amy Keep Paying to Fix Her Old Car?

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#7991: How Long Should Amy Keep Paying to Fix Her Old Car?

Hour 3: Aired on Thursday, February 25, 2016

- A.D. (Dallas) asks about converting a traditional IRA to a Roth while on Baby Step 7.

- Jason (Cody, WY) wonders how to begin investing.

- Amy (Chicago, IL) wants to know how long she should keep dumping money into maintaining old cars.

- Tania (Hartford, CT) has trouble motivating her kids.

- Dave promotes the upcoming EntreLeadership Summit event and goes through the list of speakers.

- Tom (San Antonio, TX) wants to correctly advise his son to either use an escrow account or save the money in a bank.

- C.J. (Boise, ID) hopes to get a zero credit score, but he has judgments on the credit report.

- Dave reads the Scripture and quote of the day.

- Dave reads the Blinds.com question of the day from Melissa, who is fighting a court fine from 2011.

- Esmerelda (Fresno, CA) asks about selling her car to start an emergency fund.

- Michael (St. Louis, MO) is overwhelmed by Baby Step 2 and needs help.

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