Episode: #7989: Evan and Erica Fought Through Tragedy to Become Debt Free

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#7989: Evan and Erica Fought Through Tragedy to Become Debt Free

Hour 1: Aired on Thursday, February 25, 2016

- Dave talks about how it's not too late to start saving for retirement.

- Jennifer (Reno, NV) says her husband is not on board with the plan.

- Scott (Austin, TX) wants to know if he should pay off his house before investing.

- Erin (Colorado Springs, CO) wonders what she should do with the $20,000 she'll make after the sale of her home.

- Evan and Erica (St. Louis) are debt-free after paying off $62,500 in 31 months, even while fighting through the pain of losing a baby.

- Dave talks for a minute on how you can't control everything, but you can make your money behave.

- Dave encourages listeners to sign up for the Dave's Deals email and announces current specials.

- Zena (Ann Arbor, MI) wonders if she should enroll in COBRA or get an HSA.

- Trevor (Oklahoma City) asks about switching careers.

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