Episode: #7988: Blake Has a Special Reason to Join the Army

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#7988: Blake Has a Special Reason to Join the Army

Hour 3: Aired on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

- Sampson (Minneapolis, MN) asks about how to approach investing.

- Alex (Tulsa, OK) has a question about getting a mortgage with no credit.

- Blake (Little Rock, AR) wonders if it's okay to go into the Army just to take advantage of the G.I. Bill.

- Dave talks about the current deals in the online store.

- Stan (San Francisco) asks if he should invest into retirement or save for a house.

- Jovette (San Antonio, TX) wonders if she and her husband should sell the house.

- Amber (Oklahoma City) is a single mom who wants to know if she should work in a bar to earn extra cash.

- Adam and Michelle (Evansville, IN) are debt-free after Michelle paid off $16,639 as a single mom and finished just days before their wedding.

- Dave encourages listeners to join his most popular class, Financial Peace University.

- Dave reads the Scripture and quote of the day.

- Randy (Topeka, KS) asks if refinancing his house is worth the trouble.

- Colton (Amarillo, TX) wants to know how to pay for college.

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