Episode: #7987: Dave and Rachel Talk About the Student Loan Crisis

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#7987: Dave and Rachel Talk About the Student Loan Crisis

Hour 2: Aired on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

- Dave welcomes guest Rachel Cruze to the show to talk about the student loan crisis among millennials.

- Dave and Rachel continue their discussion about student loans.

- Dee (Los Angeles) is a hip-hop artist who wrote a rap about Sallie Mae and talks to Dave and Rachel about his song.

- Dave and Rachel reveal the humorous results of a new study about what people would do to be forgiven of student loans.

- Christopher (Atlanta) didn't do a student loan forgiveness program because of the 20- to 30-year timeline.

- Jeremy (Phoenix) asks if he should delay school to save money for tuition.

- C.J. (Phoenix) wonders if he should pay cash for either his education or his wife's.

- Dave reads the Blinds.com question of the day from Holly, who asks if she and her boyfriend should tackle their debt snowballs together or separately.

- Dave reads a Facebook question from Quincy, who wants to know if annutities are good for long-term retirement.

- Sheri (Springfield, IL) has a question about how her ex-husband promised their daughter that Sheri would pay 1/3 of her college costs.

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