Episode: #7985: Dave Rants Again - This Time About Wills

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#7985: Dave Rants Again - This Time About Wills

Hour 3: Aired on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

- John (Austin, TX) asks if he and his wife should go out of order in the debt snowball to pay off their student loans.

- Larry (Tampa, FL) received a 1099-C about written-off debt and wonders if he still owes it.

- Joe (Buffalo, NY) has a question about which debt to pay off first.

- Dave talks about his new online budgeting tool EveryDollar.

- Dave updates Android users on the progress of the Android version of the EveryDollar app.

- River (Louisville, KY) asks if he needs to get rid of his vehicle.

- John (Fresno, CA) has a question about putting college savings into a Roth IRA.

- Daniel (Dallas) wants to know if he and his wife should rent a bigger place.

- Mindy (Portland, ME) and her husband disagree on their next step.

- Dave reads the Scripture and quote of the day.

- Kathy (Louisville, KY) has a question about power of attorney on her mother since she's not talking to her sibilings.

- Dave rants about why it's important to do a proper will and keep open communication with the heirs.

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