Episode: #7981: Colleen Wonders Why a Credit Rating Drops

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#7981: Colleen Wonders Why a Credit Rating Drops

Hour 2: Aired on Monday, February 22, 2016. 

- Lewis (Oklahoma City) needs the right advice for a Financial Peace University attendee who is living on Social Security with massive medical debt.

- Cordell (Indianapolis) asks how to diversify his investments.

- Dave reads a Facebook question from Colleen, who asks why a credit rating goes down even if no changes are made.

- Daniel (Dallas) wonders if he should sell his house.

- Karen (Columbus, OH) wants to know how she and her husband can be equally fair to their kids.

- Mike (Atlanta) asks how to manage being in a student loan forgiveness plan versus paying it off.

- Doug and Ashley (Tulsa, OK) are debt-free after paying off $103,000 in 5 years and 2 months!

- Dave reads the Blinds.com question of the day from Tony, who owns a ski shop and wonders about taking product from manufacturers on 90-day, interest-free terms.

- Ryan (Clarksville, TN) has a question about buying or renting.

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