Episode: The Contracting Experience - Episode 14: Services Acquisitions - Nancy Andrews

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The Contracting Experience - Episode 14: Services Acquisitions - Nancy Andrews
Services Acquisitions make up approximately 50% of the Air Force expenditures. A significant amount of that spend is for specialized services outside of the Weapon System Program Offices that are overseen by the Program Executive Office Combat and Mission Support. These services range from support of test operations, design and engineering, and technical data to support of facility services of our bases and emergency services to forward deployed locations. Nancy Andrews is the Program Executive Officer of Combat and Mission Support and is also the Senior Services Manager for Services. In this episode, she talks about some of the biggest challenges in Services Acquisition and what goals and initiatives her team has to tackle those challenges. She also gives perspective as a former contracting professional working in a program manager role. If you would like to share feedback on the podcast, please submit via thecontractingexperience@gmail.com.

The Contracting Experience
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