Episode: The Contracting Experience - Episode 11: Kessel Run - Tory Cuff

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The Contracting Experience - Episode 11: Kessel Run - Tory Cuff
Kessel Run is the Software Capability Development Division within the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center's Program Executive Office - Digital, with a mission to “continuously deliver war-winning software our Airmen love.” On this episode we speak with Tory Cuff, former Agile Acquisitions Branch Chief at Kessel Run. Cuff discusses how Kessel Run is different than other program offices in the Air Force. She goes into detail about the types of challenges the team has faced in doing things differently and how industry has responded to working in a non-traditional Department of Defense environment. This episode is not just for teams that acquire information technology. Cuff talks about lessons learned at Kessel Run and how other acquisition teams can apply those concepts to their organizations. Acronyms in this episode: GEOINT – geospatial intelligence DEVOPS – development and operations OT – Other Transaction DoD – Department of Defense AFMC – Air Force Materiel Command Learn more about Kessel run through a video put out by Airman Magazine (https://vimeo.com/296877646) and another article and video from Defense Acquisition University (https://www.dau.mil/training/career-development/program-management/blog/PE-Kessel-Run-Smuggling-Innovation-into-the-DoD). If you would like to share feedback on the podcast, please submit via thecontractingexperience@gmail.com.

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