Episode: Jumping into Indeed’s Walled Garden Against Google | Canvas’ Text Recruiting | Deep Thoughts from Jobg8

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Jumping into Indeed’s Walled Garden Against Google | Canvas’ Text Recruiting | Deep Thoughts from Jobg8

Still a little hungover from the 4th of July holiday, the boys dive into Indeed’s walled garden against Google, wonder if old school job board SEO is dead and drop wisdom and perspective following the Jobg8 conference. Put on your big-boy pants and buckle-up.

Also, we look at Canvas and why others aren’t on the text messaging bandwagon, asking are ATS’s next. And what podcast would be complete without news items discussing robots … this time, however, we’re talkin’ sex robots. You may need some protection on this week’s podcast. Enjoy.

As usual, support the sponsors, including newbie Sovren and America’s Job Exchange and Wonscore by Wonderlic. We don’t exist without them, so go throw paper at them.

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