Episode: Nick & Nolan: Special Teams & Practice Squad Philosophy

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Nick & Nolan: Special Teams & Practice Squad Philosophy

Nick & Nolan introduce themselves to Buffalo Rumblings and talk about how Special Teams & Practice Squad philosophy impacts roster building. What is the Special Teams Coordinator looking for amongst the players at camp? How many "core" special teams players do teams run with? Is special teams really one-third of the game? What made Steve Tasker the greatest gunner of all time? Who are the Bills top practice squad candidates at this super-early stage? Whats the lifespan of a practice squad player in the NFL?

Come for the knowledge, stay for the Anchorman, Caddyshack, The Office, Family Guy, Aladdin, Parks & Rec, & Spongebob sound bites.

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Buffalo Rumblings: for Buffalo Bills fans
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