Episode: Nick & Nolan: Daboll's Offense & Josh Allen

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Nick & Nolan: Daboll's Offense & Josh Allen

Nick & Nolan break down OC Brian Daboll's offensive Erhardt-Perkins "system".  How does Erhardt-Perkins compare to other offensive systems? Where did it come from and why has it remained so popular since the 70's? Nolan gives enough X's & O's info to be dangerous and Nick learns what a "pro-ready" QB means for a new player entering the NFL. How does Josh Allen's skill set mix with what we know of Daboll's preferences? What are we going to learn about Daboll in 2019? What kind of running game does Erhardt-Perkins traditionally use? If Bruce was the Bills OC and his only priority was to make Josh Allen successful, how would Bruce do that?

Come for the knowledge, stay for the soundbites. #gobills #billsmafia #buffalobills #bills

Grantland Article on Erhardt Perkins - http://grantland.com/features/how-terminology-erhardt-perkins-system-helped-maintain-dominance-tom-brady-patriots/

Cover 1 Article on Erhardt Perkins - https://www.cover1.net/inside-the-playbook-the-erhardt-perkins-play-structure-and-terminology/

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