Episode: Circling the Wagons: Bills DE Mike Love Interview

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Circling the Wagons: Bills DE Mike Love Interview

In this episode, we talk with second year Bills DE Mike Love on a number of topics including his journey from being cut last preseason, to being signed to the practice squad, to be activated to the 53 man roster late in the season, to being active on game day in a win at home. We also talk this offseason, what the Buffalo Bills coaching staff has him working on, what his pass rush style is, thoughts on the new $18 million, 41,000 sq ft athletic facility and much more! We also replay some of the clips of past interviews with Mike where he discusses his backstory-- being one of four boys to a single mother, finding stability in a friend's family structure and living with them, meeting his father for the first time recently, and finishing his collegiate career at USF with a Master's Degree. Besides being a great guy, he's got a very inspiring story. We hope you enjoy and root for him this summer and beyond. Go Bills!

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(Find the original, full-length interviews with Mike Love here)

Additional Topics Include: Eli Harold, Darryl Johnson, Josh Allen, hot yoga, sleep pods, Training Camp.

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