Episode: BH030: Dr. Victor Montori — Revolutionizing Health Care

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BH030: Dr. Victor Montori — Revolutionizing Health Care

During this episode, Dr. Victor Montori and I discuss the industrialization

of healthcare, how healthcare has corrupted its mission, how it has stopped caring, and what this means for you as a patient. It is clear something has to change. Healthcare has lost its way, and the patient is the one who suffers most.

As a  Professor of Medicine and Endocrinologist specializing in diabetes care at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Montori is an expert in patient care experiences.. He also runs the Knowledge and Evolution Research Unit (KER) unit, which focuses on medical evidence, wishes, patient wishes and minimally disruptive care. He is the co-founder of Patient Revolution.org and his book, Why We Revolt: A Patient Revolution for Careful and Kind Care is a testament to his passion towards transforming the current healthcare industry. With Dr. Montori leading the way, I have great hope for the future of medicine!

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