Episode: BH028: Vinnie Tortorich - Exercise and Nutrition in a Fat-Adapted Diet

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BH028: Vinnie Tortorich - Exercise and Nutrition in a Fat-Adapted Diet

Vinnie Tortorich is America’s favorite celebrity trainer, podcaster and author of Fitness Confidential. Vinnie shares how he got started in his career as a trainer to the stars, and he highlights the key differences between training celebrities for shoots and films, exercising to be health or training for competitions. As a long-time competitor in ultra-endurance races, Vinnie shares how he has used nutrition to help him achieve spectacular results in these grueling competitions. As much as he loves exercise, Vinnie firmly believes that the key to health and looking good is adopting a No Sugar, No Grains (#nsng) way of living. This has not only contributed to his success as an athlete and a model, but also helped in his battle against cancer. He is known as “America’s Angriest Trainer,” but he may also be America’s most outspoken and entertaining trainer as well.


Key Takeaways:


[2:28] How did Vinnie get started in his career?

[7:47] The role of exercise and nutrition in Hollywood vs. in health.

[18:51] How does Vinnie balance between being healthy and doing ultra races?

[22:42] The concept of being fat-adapted.

[29:05] How does Vinnie keep people motivated?

[30:37] Vinnie’s health scare - leukemia.

[36:10] In his recovery period, Vinnie adopted a ketogenic diet.

[46:33] Representing the life of a cancer survivor.

[50:06] Vinnie has a free PDF on the NSNG diet.


Mentioned in This Episode:

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Vinnie Tortorich

Fitness Confidential Podcast

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Cereal Killers 2, film by Donal O’Neil

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