Episode: The Holy Spirit Part 3: Holy Spirit in the New Testament

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The Holy Spirit Part 3: Holy Spirit in the New Testament

This is the final part of our conversation on the Holy Spirit. Tim and Jon look at how the Holy Spirit is discussed in the New Testament.

They talk about the ways the gospel authors say The Holy Spirit guided Jesus and some of the Holy Spirit rich events in Jesus life (e.g. virgin conception, baptism and resurrection).

They talk about Pentecost, and how Paul envisioned the Holy Spirit interacting with believers. Tim and Jon discuss what does it mean to "keep in step with the Spirit" or "to be guided by the guided by the Spirit?"

Do you have a question about the Holy Spirit?
Tim and Jon will be hosting a FAQ episode on the Holy Spirit next week. Send us your questions! Message us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/jointhebibleproject) or send an email to support@jointhebibleproject.com . If you have the ability to record the audio of you asking the question that would be great! Deadline to submit questions. Noon PST 3/13/17.

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