Episode: 6 Questions You Should Ask On Your Next Job Interview

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6 Questions You Should Ask On Your Next Job Interview
Do you have any questions for me? Whether you’ve been on a job interview or not, you know that this question is coming your way!  Did you know that most job candidates fail to ask questions at the end of their job interview? Why is this you may ask, well it’s because of interview anxiety. Most job candidates hear the words “do you have any questions for me” and they are instantly filled with a sense of relief because they think the job interview is over and they want to get out of there as quickly as possible! Guess what, this post is going to teach you how to NOT be like “most” candidates and not ask the interviewer any questions during the job interview.
Think about it like this, the job interview is a two way street. As a job applicant, you’re still trying to figure out if this is a company you want to work for, you’re still trying to figure out if your values relate to the values of that company. It’s only right that you ask questions during your job interview, not for the purpose of just asking, but for the purpose of really figuring out if this is a position you want to be employed in. Not only is it great to ask questions for this reason, but it also impresses potential employers.
I know you’re probably thinking, “Ok I know that I should ask questions during my job interview but what questions should I ask”? I’ve come up with 6 questions that I used to ask when I was interviewing for jobs after college. My strategy was to rotate these questions and ask only 4 at the most (I didn’t want to annoy the employer). I must say that the 6 questions below are golden; I was actually hired because of question #6 on this list (no kidding).
Please see below the 6 questions you should ask on your next job interview, why you should ask them, and what you should do after you ask.
Question 1: What do you hope to see accomplished in this department within the next 6 months to a year and how can this position help you get there?
Why Ask This Question?
This is a great question to ask because it lets the employer know that you have plans on assisting the company in achieving its short term goals. This also lets the employer know that you’re a team player and you’re already thinking of ways you can make a positive contribution to the company, department and team.
Now What?
Now that you’ve asked this question, listen CLOSELY. The employer is about to fill you in on the short term goals for the department and company. They’re going to tell you exactly what they’re looking to accomplish and what they’re expecting from you. I hope you have a pen and pad ready as the employer answers this question because this information is going to be valuable for the thank you letter you’re going to send after your job interview.
Question 2: What is Your Ideal Candidate?
Why Ask This Question?
I love this question, simply because the employer will begin to vent on exactly what they’re looking for in their next candidate. The employer will begin to talk about the certain skills, traits and characteristics it takes to be successful in this position. This is the type of information that you want as a potential hire.
Now What?
I know you heard this one question before but it’s really the follow up that matter. The worst thing you can do is ask this question and don’t respond after the employer has told you what they’re looking for in their next candidate. After the employer is finished telling you what their looking for in their next candidate, it is now your opportunity to reassure the employer that you are that candidate. For an example, if the employer tells you that they’re looking for someone who’s motivated, thrives under pressure, and has great organizational skills; this is your opportunity to let the employer know that you possess those 3 qualities. Also, it is not enough to simply say you meet those requirements, you must provide specific examples in which you showcased these qualities at a previous job, internship or classroom activity. When providing your examples, always use the STAR method.
Question 3: I’d like to know what it takes to be successful in this position, what type of efforts do the top performers put in?
Why Ask This Question?
Now you’re thinking! This question lets the employer know that you have the motivation and determination to perform on the same level as the top performers in the company. This question really shows your desire to succeed and willingness to bring positive results to the company. Employers love nothing more than an employee who’s dedicated to perform.
Now What?
Just as the ideal candidate question, when the employer finishes their rant on the qualities of their top performers, this is your chance to come in and let the employer know that you share the same qualities as the top performers in the company. Remember, do not forget to provide specific examples in which you implemented these qualities using the STAR Method.
Question 4: What are some of the challenges for a person entering this position?
Why Ask This Question?
This is a great question to ask, simply because this lets the employer know that you are aware that challenges will occur and you’re looking forward to taking on those challenges. This also shows the employer that you tend to prepare for upcoming tasks and challenges.
Now What?
This question is golden for you. It allows you to foresee exactly what you’re in store for when taking on this position. Remember, you’re interviewing the company as well. You’re ultimately trying to determine if this is a position you want to take. More importantly, this question gives you another opportunity to let the employer get a feel of how you handle challenges. When providing your examples of how you handled challenges in the past, be sure to use the STAR method, which is very popular among behavioral interview questions. Employers love examples.
Question 5: Do You Have Any Concerns about My Qualifications
Why Ask This Question?
This question really says something about your character. This really lets the employer know that you are open to constructive criticism, I mean think about it, how many other candidates will have the guts to ask an employer to point out any potential weaknesses? Not many! This is also a great question to ask because this will give you the chance to address ANY reservations the potential employer may have about you candidacy.
Now What?
Keep your ears peeled, you’re going to want to hear what the employer is saying. Once the employer addresses their concerns about your candidacy, this is your chance to turn any potential negatives or drawbacks into positives. This is your opportunity to assure that there is no question that you are the person for the job.
Question 6: Can I tell you why you should hire me?
Why Ask This Question?
Now you’re separating yourself from the rest of the candidates. This is a great final question to ask at the end of your job interview. What better way to depart your interview than to leave the lasting impression in the interviewers head on how you’re in fact the best person for the position? When you ask this question, be prepared to deliver! Your answer needs to reflect on how your skills, qualifications and education makes you the best person for the job, your answer needs to reflect why you’re the best fit for the company amongst the other candidates.
Now What?
Now that you’ve left the lasting impression that you’re the best candidate for the job, you should feel a sense of relief. The only thing left to do is get the business card of your interviewer and send in your thank you note.
Final Words
After asking these questions during your next job interview, rest assured that you will be in great shape. Remember to ask about 3 or 4 of these questions and not all six. Ask them depending on the flow of the job interview. You may notice that the employer may possibly answer 1 or 2 of your questions while they tell you more about the job so just make sure you listen closely and pivot from there because the last thing you want to do is ask a question that an employer answered already.

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