Episode: Episode 108: Mary Kate Morrissey + Ginna Claire Mason Moffett

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Episode 108: Mary Kate Morrissey + Ginna Claire Mason Moffett

As a longtime Broadway fan, I cannot believe we get to hear from both Elphaba and Glinda from the touring cast of Wicked today. But they are more than just my favorite witches- these women have become dear friends to me.

In two weeks, both Mary Kate Morrissey and Ginna Claire Mason Moffett will be leaving the cast, so I visited them in San Antonio last week to see them share the stage one more time and we sat on the dressing room floor with a microphone between us. Tears, laughs, beautiful thoughts on God and art and friendship.

I love these girls so much. What a gift they are to me. I bet you'll feel the same about them after today's show.

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Remember God is out! Make sure you've grabbed a copy for yourself and maybe some for your friends!

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