Episode: 2018 Christmas Party Episode 10: Eddie Kaufholz + 2018 In Review

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2018 Christmas Party Episode 10: Eddie Kaufholz + 2018 In Review

There was no other way to end the year than having our old pal Eddie Kaufholz back on the show. We talk about 2018 like it can't hear us- the things we loved and hated, the ways it surprised us, Eddie's big changes this year (and he parents his daughters a few times), and we dive deep into plans for 2019.

This is a thinker and an LOLer. Of course it is.

Thanks for an amazingly fun year, you guys. I wouldn't do this without you. Over 5 million downloads and 70+ shows in 2018, and still the best part is when you come up to me at a restaurant or airport and tell me your favorite episode. So THANK YOU SO MUCH. Y'all are better friends than I deserve.

Here's to 2019- a year full of great shows (we already mostly know the first three months and it's LEGIT) and lots of new friends and having more fun than we did in any year before. That's my goal for us, at least. :) 

. . . . .

Quick reminders:

1. No new show on New Years Eve but we'll be back on January 3!

2. We are reading 100 Days to Brave together starting January 1! Join us!! All the details on my instagram.

. . . . .


#thatsoundsfunpodcast ... join in the conversation wherever hashtags are welcome. :) 

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