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Taboo Tales Podcast
We define a taboo story as something you would never EVER talk about at the dinner table. Even after a few glasses of wine. Society has made the rules, and our mission is to break them because we honestly believe: The more we all talk about how fucked up we are, the more normal we all feel. Since establishing our stage show in 2010, Taboo Tales has covered everything from living with HIV to being born without rectal muscles to blindness to being forty and lonely. One requirement is that all stories be funny. Laughing about life is the key to letting go. This podcasts brings storytellers off the storytelling stage and into the studio for a story and discussion. Taboo Tales and this podcast are produced by Corey Podell, Laurenne Sala, and Jeff Payne at Eleven studios. Find out more at tabootales.org

Taboo Tales Podcast
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