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Our story is simple: we homeschool with Christ as our foundation and are reminded of the gifts he has already given us. When you're discouraged in life, take a detour toward joy and look at the sunshine and the oranges and remember how the Lord is so good to give us the warmth and sweetness of life - even in the mundane. Reheat that coffee, get in the car (they're strapped in! Yay!), and let's talk!Amy is a homeschooling mama, Christ-following, mama of 5 (four at home) and married for over 15 years to a bearded, former military man. Our life has been an adventure but God has a story weaved in and out of it just like He does with yours. Join me as we talk about just about anything from toddlers to teenagers, friendship during the mom years, homeschooling, and wife-ing.iTunes Link:https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/sunshine-orang...Add via RSS link: https://justcast.herokuapp.com/shows/amy-atkins-s...www.sunshineandoranges.comwww.homeschooldownload.com

sunshine + oranges
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