Episode: 563: Video Montage Mania with The Hood Internet

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563: Video Montage Mania with The Hood Internet

We enjoy the music montages of the '80s by The Hood Internet and its creative minds Steve Reidell and Aaron Brink, who join the show to talk about their series and upcoming projects.

Find all the videos mentioned on the show at The Hood Internet's YouTube page. If you're interested in Steve's version of "Duke" by Genesis, find it on this Bandcamp page. And we encourage you to support SaveOurStages.com, which provides support for musicians and artists coping with the pandemic.

Stuck in the '80s is sponsored by The 80s Cruise. The 2021 voyage has been postponed to March 2022, but we'll still be there - along with all the original bands - for this amazing trip. Get $200 cabin credit for first-time guests when you use the promo code STUCK during booking. 

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