Episode: EP07: Laura

EP07: Laura




an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound; a duty or commitment.


Welcome to episode seven of the Stretch Podcast with your host, Alison Kuhlow.  Stretch is a podcast where storytellers share their personal journeys of change with the hopes of helping you, the listener, gain new perspective on the challenges you are facing.  We face challenges everyday, and sometimes these challenges can be a result of dysfunctional or neglectful family or relationships.

In this episode Alison is joined by Laura, a risk taker and adventurer within a blue-collar family that always followed the expected path. Laura found the support system for her atypical desires through her mom. Laura and her mom were complete opposites, but she still provided the support and love that Laura needed.

Alison and Laura discuss:

  • Patterns developed as children that still influence us as adults
  • Laura’s relationship with her parents as a child
  • The support she received from her mom throughout her life
  • The difficulty of breaking bonds with family
  • The changes of family dynamics
  • The challenges of dealing with a disengaged and disconnected parent
  • Making peace with rejection from family
  • When to keep trying, and when to move on
  • Finding situations that make you thrive, and finding people who support you


Look at the support system to surround yourself with.  Are they giving you the support and love that you need?



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Thanks to Travis Brown at Podcastbuddy for audio editing and production.

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