Episode: EP03: Becca

EP03: Becca




bear all or part of the weight of; hold up.

Stretch is a podcast that explores the way we live our lives, the way we confront challenges, and the way we make commitments to try new things.  Some people are born with an outlook that helps them meet those challenges, but it’s important to remember we don’t know everyone’s story.  

In this episode of Stretch Alison is joined by her friend from the Downtown Merchants Association in Park City Utah, Becca.  Becca is someone who has always seemed to be moving forward with life with an air of confident optimism. But her life hasn’t always been that way…

Listen as Becca tells the story of her first long term relationship. From moving to Wisconsin and excitedly starting a new life, to finding his internet porn stash and secret drinking habits after work.  Becca is a caretaker who would support him in doing anything, but will not support him doing nothing. 

Becca reminds us that we need to retain the sense of ourselves in relationships, especially caretakers.  Trust your feelings, they’re worthy of action. Listen in as they discuss just how this story started, and how it all ended. 

In this episode Becca shares:

  • What brought them together
  • How everything felt like it was coming together
  • What brought everything down
  • When it started to feel overwhelming
  • The journey back to Park City Utah
  • Her new life after making some hard decisions




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Travis Brown at Podcast Buddy for audio editing & production

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