Episode: Plus 1 with Josh Kaplan

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Plus 1 with Josh Kaplan

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Kelsey is the cofounder Influence & Co a leading tech-enabled content marketing firm that specializes in content strategy with over 75 full-time employees and over 150 clients.  Kelsey has been awarded 30 under 30 by Forbes Marketing and Advertising. Topics Discussed: How Kelsey went from student to entrepreneur How to filter the right advice from the wrong Battling the imposter syndrome Fostering a positive culture How to stay innovative   SUBSCRIBE:   LINKS STARTUPVENTURES: Instagram: YouTube: Spotify: LINKS KELSEY: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website:

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John is a keynote speaker and successful entrepreneur who shares his opinions on engaging and connecting with important people and meaningful audiences. With his book "Top of Mind" and previous business ventures through content creation and real estate, John is able to spread his wisdom on becoming a thought leader...
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