Episode: Sound Insights Episode 12: A Total Approach to Multicultural Marketing

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Sound Insights Episode 12: A Total Approach to Multicultural Marketing
Prudential is the proud, title sponsor of the dfree® financial freedom movement. dfree® addresses the cultural, psychological and spiritual influences on financial wellness and partners with Prudential to share practical strategies for achieving financial success including the importance of working with a financial professional. Host Kim Baker, Vice President, Individual Life Insurance Marketing invites Tamika Stembridge, dfree® Global Foundation Executive Director and Kristen King-Maisonable, Prudential-dfree® Project Manager to explore the needs of the African American community, the opportunities for authentic relations with financial professionals, and how you can get involved with dfree®. For more information about Prudential’s partnership with dfree®, you may email admarketing@prudential.com. 1 The African American Financial Experience, 2015‐2016

Sound Insights From Prudential
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