Episode: Ep. 90 Exploring hope and healing for postpartum depression

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Ep. 90 Exploring hope and healing for postpartum depression

This week's guest co-host is way more than sorta awesome - she's an incredibly awesome woman, mom, and member of our Awesome community! Katie Pace joins Megan this week, and together they discuss their experiences with postpartum depression. Megan brings in expert advice from Dr. LaKeischa Webb McMillan - an OBGYN and host of the House Call with Dr. Mac podcast, as well as Brodie Welch - an expert in Chinese Medicine and the house of the A Healthy Curiosity podcast. This episode is packed with information important for all women, including the MTHFR gene mutation, how depression can impact the health of children, and what nourishing foods can bring the mind/body connection back into alignment. You don't want to miss this, and as always, you'll hear Awesome of the Week!

SHOW NOTES: Dr. LaKeischa Webb McMillan: House Call with Dr. Mac Brodie Welch: A Healthy Curiosity A Chef's Table Brain.FM (un)steady as she goes: on grieving a good thing at SortaCrunchy You can find Megan on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! Visit sortaawesomeshow.com for show notes on this and every episode. And don’t forget to find us in the Sorta Awesome Hangout on Facebook or @sortaawesomeshow on Instagram, and @sortaawesomepod on Twitter!

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