Episode: Ep. 59 Nate Hoffer crushing misconceptions about homelessness

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Ep. 59 Nate Hoffer crushing misconceptions about homelessness
You've been asking to hear from more of the Sorta Awesome husbands, and this week, we are thrilled to welcome co-host Rebekah's husband Nate to the show! Nate is the executive director of a homeless shelter, and in this week's episode, he challenges many of the misunderstandings and misconceptions regarding people experiencing homelessness. We know you'll appreciate his humble approach to this topic that is a blend of invigorating inspiration as well as practical advice. All of that plus Awesome of the Week! Awesome of the Week Thermos Funtainer Ultimate Self-Care Guide for Highly Sensitive Parents (find it here: https://www.facebook.com/highlysensitiveparents/) SHOW NOTES TED TALK: Dan Pallotta The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong Find Rebekah on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! You can find Megan on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! Visit sortaawesomeshow.com for show notes on this and every episode. Find us on Facebook or @sortaawesomeshow on Instagram

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