Episode: Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Don't Forget Grandpa

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Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Don't Forget Grandpa
On this week’s episode: The hosts answers listener questions about a mother who wants to ensure her kids remember their grandpa and the importance to table manners at dinner. We also welcome Doyin Richards as this week’s special host. As usual, we share our triumphs and fails and offer up some recommendations. On Slate Plus, Doyin shares just why the world thinks he’s a super-dad.

Rebecca recommends ordering sheet cake from your local grocery store.
Isaac recommends Charades decks for your performative kid and the cookbook,Milk Street: Tuesday Nights, by Christopher Kimball.
Doyin recommends a fool-proof way to get your kids to eat their veggies.

Join us on Facebook and email us at momanddad@slate.com to tell us what you thought of today’s show and give us ideas for what we should talk about in future episodes. Got questions that you’d like us to answer? Call and leave us a message at 424-255-7833. 

Podcast produced by Jess Jupiter.

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