Episode: Hang Up: The Buffalo Mexico City Bills Edition

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Hang Up: The Buffalo Mexico City Bills Edition
Josh Levin and Stefan Fatsis discuss the U.S. national team’s win over Spain at the Women’s World Cup. Josh and Joel Anderson are then joined by David West to talk about the NBA draft and the Historical Basketball League. Finally, Josh and Joel assess the plan for the Tampa Bay Rays to play half the season in Montreal.

Women’s World Cup (01:24): Stefan reports on his view from the stands in Reims, France. Plus: Did England go too far in denouncing Cameroon?

David West (18:50):
The NBA all-star on whether the draft should be abolished and how his college experience convinced him to try to establish a professional college basketball league.

Tampa Bay / Montreal Rays (38:53): Could a two-city solution ever work in pro sports?

Afterball (53:22): Joel on UConn football and Josh on Toby Kimball.

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