Episode: Epsilon Boötis Space Probe

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Epsilon Boötis Space Probe
Could it be possible that we succeeded in two way communication with life outside our planet and no one noticed? Did they hear our message and respond but we just didn't understand? This could very well be the case as early as 1928 in Eindhoven Holland and again in 1929 aboard a French research vessel in the South China Sea. After transmitting over the radio waves 3 sounds in rapid succession every 30 seconds, Van der Pol in Eindhoven examined the return echoes. They were not as neatly spaced as he had sent them. They were highly irregular, ranging from 1 to 30 seconds in delay time. The discrepancies were explained as fluxuations in the ionosphere, or magnetic disturbances, but the pitch or frequency of the sounds did not change - only the spacing of the echoes. The mystery stood as that until the 1970’s when it was carefully examined and deciphered by Duncan Lunan, a scientist from Scotland. He plotted a vertical axis of the transmitted pulse sequence with a horizontal axis of echo delay time which resulted in a picture of the constellation Boötis as it would look 15,000 years ago. Lunan also found there was a message hidden in the dots on his graph. He was able to translate it into English the meaning of these echo delay discrepancies, proving perhaps that they are a purposeful manipulation directed by a highly intelligent life outside our own.

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