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On their third LP, Sunlit Youth, Local Natives created their darkest and densest record to date, but in this pared-down performance in the KEXP Gathering Space, they're anything but that. Agile and direct, the quintet's performance shows that the festival anthems that built their reputation outside of their native Los Angeles work just as well in an intimate setting as they do in an open-air park in this session with four Sunlit Youth cuts and an old favorite...

The Tome Show > Behind the DM Screen (August 2017)

I this episode Sam, Jeff, and Mike talk about their games from August 2017. This is followed by a brief discussion about balancing encounters, giving players hints when a foe is too powerful, and the difference between a dice roll (new school) and a description of PC action (old school).   Thanks to our sponsor for this episode: Noble Knight Links: Mike on Twitter SlyFlourish...
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