Episode: E75: “The Video Strangler” - Maury Travis

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E75: “The Video Strangler” - Maury Travis
There was no evidence in Maury Travis’ childhood of arson or animal abuse, often seen as early warning signs for serial killers. And he didn’t appear to have been a victim of abuse from either of his parents. So what made this seemingly normal kid turn into a man who would rape, torture and murder as many as twenty women? Sponsors! USA Network - THE SINNER returns with a new story, Wednesday August 1st at 10, 9 central on USA Network. Upstart - Go to Upstart.com/SERIALKILLERS to find out how low your Upstart rate is! Madison Reed - Get 10% off plus Free Shipping on your first color kit at Madison-Reed.com with promo code: SERIALKILLERS.

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