Episode: Sleeping Girl

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Sleeping Girl

In this episode of Serendipity, a sleeping girl wakes up to a world dominated by youth, and Martin tries to stitch together his memories of Ann while imagining their future. Featuring the piece "Sleeping Girl" which was written and produced by Eliza Smith and Mark Ristich of NPR's Snap Judgment. Learn more about the show at snapjudgment.org  "Sleeping Girl"  was voiced by Katie Mingle and Eliza Smith. Leon Morimoto composed the score.

Serendipity and The Sarah Awards is an initiative of  Sarah Lawrence College.  "Sleeping Girl" was inspired by The Sarah Awards' Very, Very, Short, Short Stories Contest. You can make stories, too.  Find out how by going to thesarahawards.com. There, you can learn more about Serendipity, The Sarah Awards, and how to join the...  

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