Episode: 424 - Austin Film Festival 2019

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424 - Austin Film Festival 2019

Craig hosts Scriptnotes Live at The Austin Film Festival with guests Ayanna Floyd (The Chi, Empire), Liz Hannah (The Post, Mind Hunter), Nichelle Tramble (Truth Be Told, The Good Wife), Malcolm Spellman (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Empire), David Mandel (Veep, Curb Your Enthusiasm), David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (Game of Thrones). They discuss the power of television, writing for the binge model, and the value of telling stories you want to watch.

We also play a Craig and David Kwong puzzle on movie quotes and host a round of How Do You Follow THAT Up?

Huge thank you to all of our guests!


Email us at ask@johnaugust.com

You can download the episode here.

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