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Overview: SCI Boot Camp is a podcast created for people living with spinal cord injuries (SCI) as a new medium for education, information sharing, learning and development, support, and community. Weekly Boot Camp broadcasts address issues across the spectrum of SCI-related subjects ranging from the science behind injuries and the rehabilitation experience to adaptive equipment and living intentionally with the injury. About the Host: The SCI Boot Camp podcast was developed by and is hosted by San Diego resident and T6 paraplegic, Ryan Baker. At 39 years old, Ryan has been living with paralysis for more than 20 years and is a vibrant and active leader in the SCI community in southern California and across the United States. Through his activities, including adaptive sports, peer and community mentoring, and SCI education, Ryan has built a rich history of personal experience and a wide network of professionals that merge in the SCI Boot Camp broadcasts to create compelling, candid and relevant content. Executive Summary: The SCI Boot Camp podcast is an information exchange for people living with SCI and their network of family and friends. There is currently no similar platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices as it relates to SCI, though the need to exchange this type of information is critical. Introductory broadcasts of Boot Camp will focus on the nature and science of SCI, from the moment of injury and the physiology behind a spinal cord compromise to an examination of the spinal column anatomy itself. From there, broadcasts will address sequential SCI experiences including rehabilitation, moving from the hospital to home, and living intentionally with paralysis. Planned topics will sensitively but directly address all ADL’s (activities of daily living) such as hygiene, bowel and bladder management, sex and intimacy, diet and exercise, preventative health maintenance, navigating the health care and insurance system, driving, travel, relationships, working, and self-sufficiency. The Boot Camp will be honest and transparent about the realities of living with an SCI while providing relevant and applicable strategies on how to cope and live fully with the injury. Guests will be interviewed regularly to offer information and expertise and to share a unique point of view, including doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, urologists and people who are living with SCI. Information will be accurate, informative and fresh. Additionally, the Boot Camp podcast will serve as a resource and platform for products and services as they relate to living with SCI. Discussions about and unbiased reviews of adaptive equipment, assistive devices and related technologies will be examined in tandem with interviews from manufacturers and reps about their products.

SCI Bootcamp
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