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A podcast about unrepeatable experiment in music and art. PRESS: "Then there’s “Sample Size: 1,“ which bills itself as being “about unrepeatable experiments in music and art,” hitting a lot of words that we enjoy (“unrepeatable,” “experiments,” “music,” “art”) in one fell swoop. Hosted by Dave Hilowitz, the show’s first episode follows his attempt to remotely re-record one of his band’s songs, using only collaborators he finds on quick-gig site Fiverr — an endeavor entertaining and fascinating enough for even non-musicians to dig." – The Huffington Post "What I'm loving about this new podcast (aside from how well it's made) is how drastically different episodes one and two are. I have no idea what to expect from the show's third episode or even when it'll drop, but I know I'm really excited to hear it. If you haven't already, I'd highly recommend checking out Sample Size: 1. It's definitely a new favorite of mine." – Between Two Earbuds

Sample Size: 1
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Sarah Bishop
Sarah Bishop • 1 year ago
Thanks for sharing audio of the episodes. I will listen to them soon.
rolling sky