Episode: RtNP#84 All About Me

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RtNP#84 All About Me
I am running again and I am enjoying it so much. In order to get my old shape back I am following the Galloway Customized Training Plan. So far everything is going well and the fact that I have a plan to follow and scheduled training to do, has really helped me to be more disciplined. Weekly video chats with my coach Chris Twiggs and a bunch of running friends answers many questions and keeps motivation on a high level.

In this episode of my podcast I talk mostly about my recent running experience and also some thoughts on what it is like to follow this plan. I'm only in the early stage yet and still learning but so far it has been great. Signing up to CTP seemes to have been the right thing for me to do to recapture my old habit.

Intro music: Matthew Ebel - Lost My Way      www.matthewebel.com

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