Episode: RtNP#80 Turbulent Weeks

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RtNP#80 Turbulent Weeks
Another episode with quite a long timespan between recording and publishing. The weather has changed a lot during this time and things I talk about as plans have already occured. Sorry about that but I didn't want to throw the recording away so here it is. If nothing else as a document of times passed.

The birds I mentioned but didn't have the English name for were a Tofsvipa and the dictionary has several names for it but maybe Northern Lapwing would be something you recognize. At least if you live in Europe. They don't seem to exist elsewhere.
The second one was a Gräsand - a Mallard and they are probably well known all over the northern hemisphere and maybe even in some parts of Australia.

Intro music: Matthew Ebel - Lost My Way      www.matthewebel.com

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