Episode: RtNP#71 Race Dreams

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RtNP#71 Race Dreams
Hi, remember me? It's been way too long since I uploaded something. I have had quite a few recording problems that unfortunately haven't been completely solved but here is, finally, a recording, or some of the audible parts from a recording. I hope the pieces left in here still makes sense.
  My running hasn't been that great over the winter but I guess I can't blame anything but a tight schedule and laziness for that. I'm determined to get back to the habit so hopefully this episode will be followed by another one rather soon. That's my plan anyway.

This was recorded some time ago but I was unable to get the editing done until now. Sorry about the delay.

Link: the Shotover Moonlight Marathon

Intro music: Matthew Ebel - Lost My Way      www.matthewebel.com

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