Episode: The Calm Before the Storm Before the Storm

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The Calm Before the Storm Before the Storm

The Storm Before the Storm is finally here! http://thestormbeforethestorm.com/

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10/24/17 BOSTON, MA Harvard Book Store, 7:00 PM Book launch!   10/25/17 NEW YORK, NY Book Culture, 7:00 PM In Conversation with Jared Yates Sexton   10/26/17 BROOKLYN, NY Powerhouse Arena, 7:00 PM Reading + Signing   10/27/17 PHILADELPHIA, PA Barnes & Noble -- Rittenhouse Square, 7:00 PM Reading + Signing   10/28/17 WASHINGTON DC, DC Politics & Prose, 1:00 PM Oh nothing but living out a childhood fantasy   11/4/17 MADISON, WI Wisconsin Book Festival: Wisconsin Historical Society, 10:30 AM Reading + Signing   11/9/17 MILWAUKEE, WI Boswell Books, 7:00 PM Reading + Signing   11/16/17 CHICAGO, IL Barnes & Noble -- Skokie Old Orchard, 7:00 PM Reading + Signing   11/17/17 CHICAGO, IL Seminary Co-Op, 7:00 PM Reading + Signing   12/4/17 LOS ANGELES, CA Barnes & Noble -- The Grove, 7:00 PM Reading + Signing   12/5/17 SAN FRANCISCO, CA Book Passage, 6:00 PM Reading + Signing   12/6/17 PORTLAND, OR Powell's Books, 7:30 PM Back where it all began   12/7/17 SEATTLE, WA Elliott Bay Book Company, Time TBD Reading + Signing

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