Episode: 7 Days of Locals - Day 3

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7 Days of Locals - Day 3

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Comments on: > Why Isn’t There More Technology in the Shooting Sports?

Ryan in VA sent his email to for this episode of the podcast: Why aren’t there more technological advancements in the shooting sports, particularly with regards to match management? While you guys put the Nook to good use at the Wake County Action Pistol Matches, I’ve never seen them used anywhere else...

PowerFactor Show (Audio) > Episode 12 – Gun Selection : Singlestack / CDP

Steve and Rick dives into their most beloved platform, the 1911. This platform is the most commonly used handgun in the USPSA Single Stack and IDPA Custom Defensive Pistol (CDP) Divisions. Watch them dive into details about the venerable platform that John Moses Browning built. Show notes : Kimber Stainless TLR/RL II Colt STI Spartan […]
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