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Real Estate Agent Investor's Podcast
Gary Wilson is widely considered the leading authority on teaching Real Estate Investors and Agents alike how to leverage what they’re already doing and create massive new wealth and income. Gary has been investing in Real Estate for nearly 30 years building a rental portfolio worth millions of dollars, flipping other properties and even wholesaling. Gary created the fastest growing Real Estate brokerage company in Pennsylvania during the Great Recession. Gary also went onto create an Appraisal business, a Title Closing business and a Property Management business that grew from 40 units to nearly 700 in less than 3 years with virtually no marketing costs. Gary has grown into a sought after speaker, writer, teacher and coach to investors and agents across the world. Fortunes have been made by those who follow Gary and implement his systems of creating massive wealth and income by using their Real License as an income producing asset to serve the Real estate investment community To get a free copy of Gary’s newest book Investor Agent Best Practices, go to www.MyInvestmentServices.com On the Podcast, Gary brings together thought leaders in the real estate investing space, including both real estate agents and investors to share with you how they grow their business and you can too.

Real Estate Agent Investor's Podcast
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