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Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll _110


Remember a time when life was groovy, love-ins were the in-thing, and happenings happened? An era when flower power energized us? When far out and out of sight were what we wanted to be?

If you were around in the late 1960s, then you know what we're rapping about. And if you were born later, and you’re listening to this podcast series, then it’s likely you also love the music we dug during those years.

No matter what bag you were in back then, there were many varieties of rock and roll from which to choose. One was “Sunshine Pop.”

We’re gonna sock it to you with selected songs from 40 “Sunshine Pop” acts who were really boss. That’s along with 10 more acts from other music genres who earned some bread by copping the “Sunshine Pop” style.50 songs in total.

Our resident Rockologist, Ken Deutsch, will make the scene, so don’t be uptight, man. And Radio Dave will have more of the choicest rock and stories on record

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