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This episode spotlights Jailhouse Rockers. These are performers with police records as well as hit records. Many served jail sentences. Others only received probation. A few got off with just a fine.  And one died while his penitentiary term was still pending an appeal. 

The collective criminal charges against them ranged from drug possession and trafficking to drunk driving, public indecency, tax evasion, insurance fraud, extortion, robbery, kidnapping, child pornography, child molestation, rape, assault, weapons charges, and even murder. 

As we recite some of their bad deeds, we’ll also sample some of their good music. Those are two things they all had in common. And that’s the way we’ll present them. 

Our rockumentary also includes arresting facts about some rap stars whose rhymes we can’t fit into our song snippet format. And our resident Rockologist, Ken Deutsch, interviews Craig Tobin, a litigation lawyer who’ll comment on the special – or not so special treatment some rock stars receive when they’re hauled into criminal court.

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